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Seriously? Oklahoma House has passed a bill limiting marriage by law to people of faith and the marriages have to be approved by a member of the clergy.

This couldn't fly in the face of the Constitution any more if it tried. WTF is up with the religious nutters? Is it so hard for them not to try to impose their views on everyone? Marriage has existed all round the world and certainly is NOT an exclusively religious thing. What on Earth were they hoping to achieve with this? Are they so stupid they couldn't see this wouldn't last a minute if challenged in court?…

As if it wasn't already obvious, Putin has now admitted that plans to occupy Crimea were put in place and enacted well before the referendum in Crimea and even before the Crimean parliament was seized by gunmen.

This follows on from Putin admitting that the "little green men" that had the area completely occupied and contributed the majority of the military force were indeed Russian forces and NOT local fighters.

This is a second admission after initially lying at the start. He lied about the soldiers in green being Russian troops, we now know they are. He lied about forcing the annexation of Crimea, we now know that is also a lie.

Putin at this very moment is denying that Russians fighting in East Ukraine are anything more than volunteers. Considering he has yet to say anything truthful until well after he has got what he wanted, how can anyone in their right mind believe he isn't also lying about this? There is footage of Russian equipment in eastern Ukraine, there are images of tanks used only by the Russian army in eastern Ukraine and there is evidence of Russian forces crossing the border. How much do Putin apologists need before they admit what Russia is doing here?…

A leading Russian opposition politician and outspoken critic of Putin and the war in Ukraine has been shot dead. There is no evidence but this stinks of state sponsored murder. We have already seen Putin has no issue invading his surrounding countries, Russians poisoned Litvinenko a few years ago, Russia has annexed Crimea, is involved in Eastern Ukraine and Putin has had opposition leaders locked up at a whim. The man is a maniac and I think this is just yet another step on his path to become a full-blown despot.

What do others think? Is this a state sponsored murder?
Not sure if this counts as politics but stuck it here.

I have been watching videos on TED and there are lots of cases of drones being used more and more in our lives. This is everything from the large military drones used by the military to smaller drones for recreational uses. One in particular that interested me was the hummingbird size drone.

It got me thinking, could the war against terrorists be radically changed if drones can be redesigned? Imagine you want to hit certain targets but they are hiding among civilians. At present you have toi hope a sniper can hit them do nothing or accept the collateral damage. What if we were able to scale done drones to the size of insects and gave them a "sting" filled with some powerful substance to kill or otherwise incapacitate them? It would be very hard to detect, exceptionally accurate and the only risk is stinging the wrong person. 

So what do others think the future of warfare may look like between states and militants?
It is accepted by all except the most ardent science hating quacks that vaccinations work and play a vital role in preventing various diseases. A recent story about a bunch of people who caught measles in disneyland shows the danger of not getting vaccinated, as the vast majority of those that caught it were unvaccinated.

Most people also agree it is a persons right to make their own health choices and you should not force an individual to take certain treatments against their will. That is all well and good when you are dealing with your own health. However when the issue is one that affects the health of others, the dynamic changes. Part of how vaccines work is by creating a herd immunity, so those who don't have the correct response to the vaccinations or simply can't/won't take them have a much less chance of encountering the disease and thus are protected too. Many people now compared to the past are choosing not to get vaccinated. This isn't putting just themselves at risk, they are also putting others at risk by breaking the herd immunity.

Bearing in mind their action or rather inaction is making it more likely that harm can come to others, should vaccines be mandatory or at least linked with certain incentives, eg certain benefits are cut off if vaccination is denied.


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Sol9000 Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2015
I liked Gandalf the Grey better.
A-M-A-P Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
May I ask you for you're thoughts on my newest piece ?…
And here is a Llama for you because your probably awesome, :D
Jeysie Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Since the thread was closed: I know you're from the UK. And quite frankly you guys have as much of a history of suffering "white" terrorism as the US does, making your complaints about Muslims still bizarre.

The Muslims don't have a monopoly on violent extremists by a long shot.
Ragerancher Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2014
Yes we've had our experience of white terorrism but we don't now. Also it's beyond terrorism, we didn't have crowd of Irish charging around threatening to kill anyone who was rude about Islam but we have had that with Muslims.
Jeysie Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
You haven't met our domestic terrorists here in the US. There's quite a few groups here who'd be absolutely happy to kill gays, Hispanics, blacks, women getting abortions, etc. if they thought they could get away with it. Some of them still go for it. There's also our nutjob right-wing militias planning for "race wars" and uprising against the government.

I remember the likes of McVeigh and the Unabomber, and our mass shootings have mainly been by whites, too. To me, this whole "Muslim extremists are way more dangerous than white ones!" is total bull. Maybe we should just deal with the extremists and leave out the prefacing adjectives against others. Especially since it's racist attitudes that fuel many of our domestic terrorists. I guess you're safe from them... if you're white, Christian, and straight!

P.S. Plus, the Muslims here don't get to put Sharia law into effect... but the Christians do their damnedest to put Christian law into effect and have been succeeding lately. You don't have to blow things up to harm people. There's a reason why "Christian Taliban" has been thrown around here as a term lately.
Cosmic--Chaos Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
In regards to the thread you made about North Korea, that idiot Wes STILL thinks that you're a racist just for making a James Bond joke and "hurting his feelings". What a baby... Sorry about that :P
Ragerancher Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2013
Meh I know what the rules are and I know I have a perfectly defensible case. He can go ahead with it because I know nothing will come from it. I'm still not entirely convinced he has, I think it's a bluff to try to provoke me into apologising.
Cosmic--Chaos Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I know that, and yeah, he pulled the same shit with me all day, too.
Ragerancher Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2013
He must be the life of parties.
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